Sunday, April 6, 2008

i had a notion that it would be quite an effortless task to keep my blog up-to-date. but believe me when i say that it is tougher than i tought it could be. what with my obligations for work and the moments i spend helping others out whenever i can, what is left of my body and brain is bereft of any human strenghth that could possibly persuade my impulsive actions into sitting near a computer and typing my heart out. as much as it is comforting (really it is) i find that either i do not have enough time or enough physical or mental srength to go about posting something for my blog.
but well, i cant complain, because it is nobody else's work i do but mine, being one of the very few teachers at CDC. (For those who dont know, CDC is actually Care Developement Centre in short; a school that is specilized in catering for children and people with disabilities, which is managed by Care Society). everything in school is simply great: i'm not complaining about the workload :-)!!! i have decided that it is vital for every human to feel depressing emotions, go through with them untill they gradually end. because for me, i dont feel that regretfull abput my friends anymore. i guess i've accepted it as the truth now. perhaps in time things will change, or perhaps they will worsen . . . i will never know untill the time comes, and quite frankly, i personally do not care anymore. well, what i've written i've written for the sake of publishing something because i have been feeling extremely guilty for not having done so in the recent past. well, untill some exciting event like feeling guilty again occurs in my life ;-) i will refrain from boring you for any longer. hasta luego, que te cuides!